A loving wife, mother of three angels
and a food enthusiast.

The Calm Cuisine story

Hey friends! Welcome to Calm Cuisine. My Name is Sheba Abraham.

Thank you very much for visiting my website, for this I am very grateful and appreciative, thanks again! My wonderful Husband, Sherin Mathew and I started a YouTube channel “Calm Cuisine” in 2020.

Cooking has always excited me right from my childhood and I must admit that I got inspired from my lovely mother. Even now, I remember the taste of everything that she prepared for us and I always wanted to do the same for my family.

This is a personal website and all of the recipes are tested and approved by my family. All of the photography and videography is done by my husband and he edits them too and I am the one showing up in our videos.

It has been quite a journey for myself, hubby and three of the most amazing little people in my world, my beautiful daughters Joanna, Deborah & Jessica. My family is my biggest food critic. Like every caring mother, I want them to have the best and healthy food and have tried my best to justify it.

Even though the pandemic has created many heart breaking moments throughout the world, for all of us, it also gave opportunity for my husband to work from home and spend his time with us. It gave us some time to shape up the idea of sharing my passion of food and the love of Jesus Christ to the world.

‘Food for body and soul’ was a thought deep in my mind for the past few years. When the food we eat gives us physical strength, we have to make sure we keep our soul also healthy by feeding on the unchanging Word of God. This was the beginning of our YouTube channel ‘Calm Cuisine – food for body and soul’.

The main goal of my website is to provide you an easy way to access all the recipes in a printable format and also giving you the freedom to adjust the serving quantity as per your requirement which automatically recalculates and adjusts the ingredient quantity.  Most importantly, our recipes taste great and you can trust that they actually work.

To my loving Father in Heaven, my family and all my dear and loved ones, I thank you for being part of the Calm Cuisine family and I request you all to take the time to read the ‘Food for soul’ section in the recipe pages.

With love,

Frequently Asked Questions

Shooting setup used

Camera: Canon 5D mark IV
Lens: 24~70mm f 2.8L, 70~200mm f 2.8L
Tripod: Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 + 3 axis head

Post production tools

Adobe creative suite was used from the start of Calm Cusine’s branding and all future developments.

Post Production is done in After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator & Lightroom.

From where does I get stock music

Artlist is my goto place to find great music and they have a big collection and easy licensing rules.

Epidemic Sound was used for few recipes but now I have started using Music Vine as well.

Cooking is a caring and nurturing act. It is kind of the ultimate gift for someone, to cook for them.


Thanks for reading this far, now it’s time to explore my special dishes
made just for you and start cooking!

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